Max Von Fafner

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A European graphic artist — Max Von Fafner

Fafner was born on September 12, 1972 in France and has been drawing comics since elementary school. In 1991, he graduated from an art high school to pursue higher education, still in the field of the Arts. In all, Fafner trained for eight years of classical art. From 1999 to 2000 he served in the Military Air Force in the Reconnaissance and Surveillance Squadron. From 2000 to 2004, he gave readings on Art at the University and, until 2012, he worked on both illustration, 3D animation, video game development and graphic design. He entered the world of comics in 2012, teaming up with the talented screenwriter Valérie Mangin for IMPERATOR, an epic sci-fi fresco.

Most of Fafner’s work is published only in French, but the above book was translated into English in the collection of CARTHAGO ADVENTURES (with a non-Fafner cover)…. it’s a story of the Carthago organization hunting dinosaurs and giant crocs…

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“09” is the year this story is set — 9 A.D. — a Roman soldier story — this is Fafner’s most recent work, published in 2018….

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Fafner’s IMPERATOR (2012) — aliens invade Earth (in French)!

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Below:   IMPERATOR alternate covers…..

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JOUR J #23 by Fafner — Spartacus

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JOUR J #28 by Fafner — Cleopatra

This 62-page book ends with this really nice scene of the Roman soldiers watching a fellow by the name of Yeshua/Jesus walking down the road….

If anyone would like to see scans of more pages of any of these books, contact me!


Fafner used to have a website at” — but it seems to not be on the Internet at this time….

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I found an old Facebook page, and an old DeviantArt page!

Fafner’s 4 sample STAR WARS pages done around 10 years ago, un-published as far as I know….

Other sample pages done back in Fafner’s studio days…..

Just found:

A poster ad for a Bosnian Comic Con dated Oct. 12-14, 2018….

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A 2014 Christmas Card by Fafner!

I found it on this Facebook webpage: